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A membership to help you go from limited to limitless! 

I want in!

Just Imagine....


That you can still strive for your dreams and goals even with your condition


That you can live and thrive


If you were surrounded by fierce wonderful amazing women who also knew what it was like


If you had somewhere to get support and be fiercely cheer-leaded


If you weren’t defined by your illness

I am not defined by my illness...

When I had my first diagnosis I felt totally alone. I had no one that I could relate to, talk to or who understood. 

This community has been created for people like you and me, who have an invisible illness but still have aspirations, ambitious and want to make their impact in the world! 


Hey, I'm Ally 

I'm a bestselling author and female entrepreneur who after being diagnosed with illness took a look at my life and realised I was nowhere near where I thought or wanted to be.
After a lot of personal development, I set up my first business in Pinterest to be able to manage my illnesses and continue to be ambitious and strive to be the best I can be.
I am living proof that you can thrive whilst dealing with illness and I am now really passionate about helping other women to do the same.  Having been diagnosed with Sarcoidosis and hitting rock bottom at the age of 29, I invested in developing and growing my skills and feel passionately that my purpose is to now help other women with non-visible illness grow and see the magic in the here & now.
I am also a brain aneurysm survivor! I was diagnosed with a complex brain aneurysm that my surgeon had only seen 5 times in his career. I had a life saving 5-hour operation to stent and coil the aneurysm and hope that is the end of my hospital stays! However, it has given me so much more fire in my heart to make the most of each day, cherish moments and make memories.
You can find me in Wales, sheep farming, re-designing our home with my partner and dogs Freddie & Bear.


I felt so alone

I couldn’t find anywhere that supported women who wanted to continue to live their life with an illness. I wanted to find a community for people who get each other and understand what its like to live with illness but also want to strive for more.  I felt lonely and in the depths of darkness after being told that I now have these illnesses and I wanted to find other people who can all come together. But all I could find was business generic communities or illness specific communities. The first didn’t help me find people who I could relate and and the second was very negative and a very draining place to be. 

I want to show what’s possible and that you don’t have to be defined by your diagnosis or your illness. 

So I have created a place to provide you with support, a place to build relationships and be in true community but also to keep the fires burning. I want to create a space for people that have a fire burning in them but can at times feel stuck by their diagnosis and they don’t know which way to turn or where to get support. If you have dreams and goals but need other people who understand and encourage and can uplift you then this community is for you. 

Do you feel

Lonely, on your own, no one to talk to?
Limited by the diagnosis you have been given?
You don’t know how to move forwards to what you still want to achieve in life?
You are miss-understood?Your worth more than your insurance money/ sickness pay?
You want a way to live in harmony with your conditions and showing up for your life?

Yes I want in!

I've been there

I was extremely lonely and depressed when I had my first diagnosis. It took me a long time of lone working and searching in the depths of my soul to pull myself out  of it to create my old business which was Pinterest. I struggle daily with managing my health and showing up for my life and so I know how it feels and I've  had to learn ways to do the things without getting in my own way.

And I am still learning and I want to be able to support and help and share my story with other people. I have lived 5 years with my autoimmune disease and 2 years with the brain aneurysm. I have done a lot of work on being able to process the information you’ve been given and still live life to strive to be the best you can be.

I am described  as being a cheerleader and supportive  but I very much lead with my heart and I am all about making the most of the moment, the here and now.  I am super passionate about that and I want to get that across to other people who may be in a similar situation with a diagnosis that may limit them from living the life that they want.

So that’s why I wanted to create a community that can show up and support likeminded people who don’t want to be limited by their health.

What others have to say....

Alex O'Neill - Tech & System Strategist Digitastic 

Ally is someone that absolutely gets what it is like to feel like you want to keep up with everyone else but your invisible illness/disability or mental health are holding you back from keeping up with the same pace. I have struggled with mine throughout the process of being a business owner and would often beat myself up because of the parts of me that people can't see.

Talking with Ally really opened my eyes to not feeling so alone having someone that just understood how I felt on the good days and the bad days. She has a nack of noticing in my Instagram stories that I am not right and she drops a check in message and it makes me feel better straight away.

Ally is just a fabulous person through and through, I am so glad to be in her world. 

Clare Tebbett - Marketing Strategist 

Ally is the most wonderful, genuine person. She's so kind and thoughtful and always knows what to say to lift your spirits. The best person to have in your corner cheering you on.


Stacey - The Mad Batter

Ally is one of the most interesting people I know - her positivity is infectious and her instagram stories always brighten my day as well as educate me about different topics and issues. I always look forward to seeing what she will post next and when Ally launched her Here and Now planner, I knew I needed to own one and ordered it straight away and it did not disappoint. It is exactly what I needed for consistency and to make sure I form important habits like journaling. Ally is so supportive and I can’t wait to see her community grow!

Here & Now Community

This membership will help you go from feeling limited to limitless! It will include expert sessions for learning, tools to help manage your life, hive mind sessions and more. 

I want in!


* An online community 

* Hive mind session once per month

* Tools you can use to help manage daily life 

* Expert sessions to help you develop your sense of self

* Monthly Book club

* Monthly playlists for different moods and to help navigate life

* Daily dump thread (for when you feel like things are too much)

* Networking opportunities, find other people who understand, can support with business and not do it alone! 


* Future plans for retreats, meet ups, in person events to really make you feel alive and limitless! 

Let's talk about the good stuff I've added! 

Bonus for all

Here & Now planner to help you stay on track and check in with yourself. 

Yep, gimme!

24 hour bonus 

Fancy a coffee and conversation together over zoom? 1 hour session with me to talk through anything and everything. 

I'm in!

Pay for 12 months bonus

Join the membership for 12 months and receive 1 month free! 

I want to join!

This is for you if

You are struggling with a new diagnosis
Coming to terms with what now after your diagnosis 
If you now accept where you are and have desires for your life and you won’t be defined by your illness

And any allies. Perhaps you are a parent, partner, friend and want to support someone through this but not sure how?


Come and join the community! 

I'm Ready

Ok so how much does this cost?

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  • Founding member price
  • Access to the online community channel
  • Monthly hive mind session
  • Tools provided to navigate life
  • Expert sessions to learn and grow
  • Monthly book club
  • Networking
  • Cancel anytime 
  • Here & Now planner 



  • Founding member price
  • Access to the online community channel
  • Monthly hive mind session
  • Tools provided to navigate life
  • Expert sessions to learn and grow
  • Monthly book club
  • Networking
  • Cancel anytime 
  • Here & Now planner 
  • 1 month free

Got a question? 

I can't wait to be part of a community of inspiring women! 

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