3 Pinterest strategies to grow your traffic 

pinterest strategy Apr 15, 2020

For those of you that don’t know me, I am a Pinterest Addict! And not just because of the pretty pictures and inspiration but because it's the most under-utilised platform for business and the most effective marketing tool. 


It’s actually a search engine not a social media! People use it for inspiration, ideas, buying decisions and learning. It’s also used a problem solver. You can find everything and anything on there. 


So I want to give you 3 strategies that you can implement now to grow your traffic!


1. Attracting your ideal client

To attract the right client or person you need to know exactly who you are talking to and attracting. You need to get super clear and figure out your ideal client and then look at your Pinterest content and ask yourself is this attracting them?

Ensure that your profile page and bio clearly identifies what you do. Your bio needs to include keywords and clearly outline who you serve and how you can help...

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Pinterest - record high!

crisis pinterest Apr 08, 2020

Pinterest is at an all time high as people increase their searches.

Coronovirus has had a big impact on our behaviour, not just that we are staying at home but what we are searching for and looking for inspiration and uplifting content. 

Pinterest is at an all time high as people increase their searches for inspiration, indoor activities, things to do with children, recipes and workouts. Pinterest has seen more saves and searches than any other time in history. 

People are learning to adjust to the “new normal” and in these times it's more important than ever to communicate with integrity. People are coming to Pinterest to look for inspiration, and as a brand whether you are service based, product based or brick and mortar based business you have an important role to play in providing resources, motivation and inspiration. 

So you might be thinking how can I pivot to use this to my advantage. I get it, it’s a worrying and confusing time for all...

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What is trending on Pinterest

pinterest trends Sep 04, 2019

What's trending on Pinterest? 


Trends on Pinterest are massive! 

Each month new trends are seen on the app so why not add some of your own pins that on-trend! 

We're coming into the autumn/fall season (my favourite season) and with that our trends change from summer to chunky knit jumpers and spiced pumpkin lattes! Give me a chunky knit jumper curled up on the sofa with a book and latte any day! 

The trends for September seem to be all about Autumn weddings, Halloween, Thanksgiving and comfort food. Look at some of these most popular pins and see if you can recreate them with your own products or services.

October trends continue with the autumn theme and Halloween but we start seeing a lot more winter fashion and Christmas tips.  If you have a seasonal product now would be the time to start promoting and sharing it on Pinterest. 

Get trending!






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Pinterest is a growing platform and a super under-used marketing tool where your ideal client is hanging out. Use this guide to set yourself up for success on Pinterest.