The most important work we do is on ourselves

Jul 09, 2020

I believe that the most important work we have to do is on ourselves.

Do you agree? 
Do you consume personal development?
Are you setting up the right routines and rituals?
Are you surrounding yourself with people who inspire you?
Are you journaling or doing affirmations?
These have all been massively important to me in getting to where I am today. Every day is a lesson for you to learn something and try again the next day.
At the age of 29 I was told I had cancer, (it wasn't) and then finally diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.  At this time I did hit rock bottom. And it took a lot of work on myself to move from that point.
I felt I had no purpose, reason and my energy was zapped. I lived in pyjamas, watched tv and stayed on the sofa. 
With a lot of help from a therapist and reading development books I started to put techniques in place to move forward. Just little steps forward but still forward.
Firstly I started...
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5 tips for using Pinterest for Business

Jun 12, 2020

If you are just starting out with Pinterest, you need these tips to start strategically using Pinterest for results in your business! 


First things first you need to get a business account! Why I hear you say. Well you get access to analytics showing you what pins are working or not, what content is getting engagement and what your audience demographic looks like.

You can also use promoted pins (paid feature), link your instagram or etsy account, claim your website and verify rich pins. (Rich pins are pins that are pinned elsewhere so for example from your website and they will be pinned with the title and description you put.)


Tip two is to use your own content! If you want more clients and to increase your website traffic you need to be pinning your own content. This is so ideal clients come to you as the expert.  You can pin content such as an instagram post, or your blog or your face book group. You just need to create a beautiful pin. 

Try and...

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5 things most people don't know about me!

May 29, 2020



Ok I am sharing a little about me so you can get to know the person behind the blog!

So 5 things you might not know about me -

1. I am petrified of heights, (like bawling my eyes scared of heights.) I struggle to cross bridges and climb up to my attic! I once went to Alton Towers theme park and committed to myself I would go on oblivion rollercoaster (I believe you have to do something that scares you each day).  It goes really high and then you hang and it just drops.!!

2. I don't have a coccyx bone anymore. About 9 years ago I jumped into a taxi (I was going on my first date with my now partner) and sat on a seat belt buckle that was stuck on wire so it was ridged. It went straight up my cheeks and broke my coccyx bone! (I didn't know at the time!) We continued on our date but I quickly ended up in A and E  after throwing up everywhere in the bar! 

3. I love my own space and being on my own. I use to be more of an extrovert but...

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I choose to fight! 💜

May 21, 2020



At age 30 I was diagnosed with a Rare Autoimmune Disease.

Being told you have a disease and condition that is not ‘fixable’ is hard.  Being told that you just need to manage each day and try different pain management options is hard. 

At age 32 I was diagnosed with a complex brain aneurysm.

Having a five hour operation, intensive care and twelve days in hospital is hard. Having constant headaches and migraines is hard. 

But I choose to fight!

To fight each day, to fight for another day, to be grateful for another sun rising and another sun setting, to feel the warmth on my face, a cuddle from the dog and clean sheets on the bed. 

I am not the same person I was. I have chosen to grow mentally stronger but I have been through the biggest challenges. You can choose to grow from hardship and hard seasons and that is the choice I made.

Don’t get me wrong I have hit rock bottom, I have spent days in my pyjamas without getting up and...

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Re-writing your limiting beliefs!

May 13, 2020

A bit of a different topic today! I have decided to use my blog to talk about things other than just Pinterest


So today is all about re-writing those limiting beliefs!

Have you ever said to yourself:

  • You can't do that
  • What will people think of me
  • Who am I to think I can put myself out there?
  • Why would people listen to me?
  • I'm not an expert in anything
  • I'm just not good enough

Yup, me too! I use to talk to myself all the time about how I wasn't good enough for anything, that I wouldn't succeed, who was I to think I could have success and so on.

I would say it took me until I became ill to actually realise you can re-write those beliefs.

In 2016, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Sarcoidosis. At the time I was told it was cancer (it mimics the same symptoms as cancer). As you can imagine my whole world crumbled, I had to stop work, felt I had no purpose, wasn't physically as able as I use to be and so on. It took me about two years and a lot of...

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Marketing Strategy for Pinterest!

May 06, 2020

“Quality is the best business plan”

To get results on Pinterest you need to have a strategy for Pinning. Pinterest will reward you if you are consistent. 

You can use platforms such as tailwind to help you with this.  Tailwind will give you the best times of day to pin and create a schedule for you. I recommend and use Tailwind.  ( Go here for tailwind *Affiliate link*

The first five pins of each day need to be your own content as these are the first that your audience will see. Don't worry if you haven't got 5 pieces of your own content yet but try to build a suite of your own pins that you can share. This can also include pinning to different boards. 

Don’t get too hung up on this to start with but just make sure you are consistent.  It’s not about quantity, it's about quality so if you can pin just two pins a day that is better...

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Pinterest Trends for May

Apr 30, 2020


How is it May already? Is it me or is this year just flying by. Has it slowed down for you since being in lockdown? For me each day just seems to roll into one!

Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about trends for May on Pinterest. It really helps engagement and views if you can reflect trends and pin relevant content for each month.

What to pin

  • DIY
  • Education e.g homeschooling
  • Fathers day
  • Summer recipes
  • Landscaping
  • Healthy foods

Plan for next month 

  • Vacation (a lot of people will be pinning for when they can go away again) 
  • Get a ways
  • Summer fashion
  • Gardening

Things to concentrate on

Make a strong pin title that uses keywords and is clickable

Make descriptions short and concise - add in keywords and hashtags

Get Creative

Try different typography such as using all capitals, or changing the direction of your text. Mix it up and see what works.


Don’t be afraid if your business or niche doesn't fit into the above but see if you can pin in ways that might...

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Get Creative Confidence with Canva

Apr 23, 2020

Canva is a graphic design tool and can be used for free.

On Canva you can design anything with its easy, user friendly drag and drop tool, loads of editable templates and designs.

With Canva you can design and create anything from social media posts to invitations. Canva also has loads of stock images, icons, illustrations and fonts for you to use. 

So what can you do on Canva?

Well, firstly you can create many different types of content. All the templates are ready sized to the right dimension, so for example the Pinterest Pin template is the exact size you need to upload straight into Pinterest. 


With Canva it easily lets you upload your own images to use on your documents.  You can also add a brand kit so all your colour palettes and fonts you use for your brand can easily be added making your content professional and flawless. 


Just to give you an example you can create a Pinterest Pin, Facebook post, Instagram Story, Instagram Post,...

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3 Pinterest strategies to grow your traffic 

Apr 15, 2020

For those of you that don’t know me, I am a Pinterest Addict! And not just because of the pretty pictures and inspiration but because it's the most under-utilised platform for business and the most effective marketing tool. 


It’s actually a search engine not a social media! People use it for inspiration, ideas, buying decisions and learning. It’s also used a problem solver. You can find everything and anything on there. 


So I want to give you 3 strategies that you can implement now to grow your traffic!


1. Attracting your ideal client

To attract the right client or person you need to know exactly who you are talking to and attracting. You need to get super clear and figure out your ideal client and then look at your Pinterest content and ask yourself is this attracting them?

Ensure that your profile page and bio clearly identifies what you do. Your bio needs to include keywords and clearly outline who you serve and how you can help...

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Pinterest - record high!

Apr 08, 2020

Pinterest is at an all time high as people increase their searches.

Coronovirus has had a big impact on our behaviour, not just that we are staying at home but what we are searching for and looking for inspiration and uplifting content. 

Pinterest is at an all time high as people increase their searches for inspiration, indoor activities, things to do with children, recipes and workouts. Pinterest has seen more saves and searches than any other time in history. 

People are learning to adjust to the “new normal” and in these times it's more important than ever to communicate with integrity. People are coming to Pinterest to look for inspiration, and as a brand whether you are service based, product based or brick and mortar based business you have an important role to play in providing resources, motivation and inspiration. 

So you might be thinking how can I pivot to use this to my advantage. I get it, it’s a worrying and confusing time for all...

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Pinterest is a growing platform and a super under-used marketing tool where your ideal client is hanging out. Use this guide to set yourself up for success on Pinterest.