9 Lessons I have learnt from my Brain Aneurysm Diagnosis

May 11, 2022

My Brain Aneurysm 

Two years ago I was at home recovering from just surviving a life-threatening brain aneurysm and serious surgery.

Since that day it has been a journey. My message is still the same about making the most of each day, life is so short and can change in an instance. But I have also reflected on all the other things I have learnt since dealing and living with my aneurysm.

Since coming out of hospital everything has had so much uncertainty (corona, lockdowns, isolation) and this last year has still felt very much the same for me, I have spent a lot of time on my own and sometimes it is easy to get stuck in your own head.

I wanted to share the 9 lessons I have learnt over this time that might help you too!

1. Life is so short, things can change at a moments notice. Don't take it for granted.

2. Comparing your life to other seemingly successful happy people is ok but doesn't mean their life is perfect or without worry. 

3. Dream big. Like really big. And...

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The secret to using keywords

Aug 28, 2021

I know what you are thinking, when it comes to SEO (search engine optimisation), keywords and optimising it all sounds too much!

I promise you its not as hard as it seems. This blog will take you through the secret to using keywords.


What are Keywords?

Keywords are the words you use to describe the pin, feature, item and your business. So if you think about terms, phrases and words you use to describe what you do and your business. 

Like hashtags work on Instagram these keywords will start to build up a picture on Pinterest so that when someone searches for a word or phrase that you use your content appears in the search results.

They are used on any search engine platform and if you blog you will know how important it is to also use keywords in there. 


Pin Tip 

Just like you would search in Google, start to type any of your key word ideas in Pinterest and it will give you further ideas on what people are searching for. Thus giving you ideas of content...

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Pinterest 101

Aug 18, 2021

Pinterest is not as complicated as it seems. Here I will go through my 101 to Pinterest so you can get set up and reaching your ideal client quickly! 

Pinterest Profile 

Ensure you have written your bio including keywords – Ask yourself who do you help and what do you help them with?

Add photo of your face or logo if brand isn’t named after you.  Unless your a big brand like Coca Cola, a photo works better! The bio is only a short description of who you are so make sure it is concise and to the point.  If you have a lead magnet or free resource be sure to add the link in.

Set up your business account 

Ensure you have set up your business account, rather than a personal account.  A business account will give you added extras such as analytics and you will be able to verify your website in the settings.

Even if you aren’t a business I recommend setting up a business account as it gives you more functionality and uses than just a...

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What is an idea pin?

Aug 12, 2021

Idea Pins are a multi page graphic (or Pin) and are stored at the top of your profile (a bit like a story on social media). They are a way to engage and build your audience and last forever. 

The point of idea pins is to tell a story, you want to have a beginning and an end or provide value and insight to the consumer. 

And you want people to take action so make it enticing enough for people to take the action! 

Idea pins are for you to use your own content. This isn't necessarily talking to the camera stuff, remember the main purpose still is to drive traffic to our business not to be social.  However you can narrate your idea pins or explain to camera if its needed. 

Example idea pins could be:

- Behind the scenes

- Tutorial

- Showing a process or particular task 

- Tips 

Pinteresting Tips 

- Add details into the page 

- No need to add links

- Idea pins can use static graphics and video. 

- Use high quality graphics and videos


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Video Pinning!

Jul 29, 2021

Video content is the most accessed and consumable content and its exploding across all marketing platforms. 



People watch close to one billion videos a day on Pinterest

Not everyone thinks that Pinterest would be a video content platform but it has been growing massively here. One billion videos are consumed a day!


How to create videos

1. Click create like you would to make a pin and choose video

2. Give the Pin a title and write your strategic description, and make sure to add your destination link 

3. Schedule or pin live

4. Choose your board(s) to save it to

Pretty simple eh? 


Video Specs

It needs to be a mpv or mov file and can be in length from 4 seconds to 15 minutes! Pinterest recommends between 15seconds and 1 minute. 

And if you don't add a title then the description will show and up to 60 characters will show in the feed. 

What must a video pin do? 

  • Story tell
  • Be Visually attractive
  • Lead with a clear...
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Is Pinterest still a popular platform for marketing your business?

Jul 21, 2021


I know what you are thinking is Pinterest still worth my time and effort in 2021. I am so passionate about Pinterest and continue to bang on about it so I thought I would share with you why I feel you still need to be marketing your business on Pinterest. 


Pinterest is the 14th largest social marketing platform in the world. 

The platform Pinterest ranks below Tiktok, snapchat, facebook and Instagram but ahead of twitter. 

(I know I tell you that it isn't a social media but its ranked with those platforms!)

Source: Blogsuite 


Pinterest now has 459 million active users across the globe!

That is nearly half a billion people! Crazy! 

The fastest growth is coming from generation Z and men. People come to Pinterest to discover ideas and gives us insight into the upcoming trends and trends for consumers. 


Video is exploding! 

We know that video is exploding across all of the platforms and is the most consumed way of...

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Why do we need Passive Income?

May 20, 2021

I was super honoured to be able to talk to Passive Income Strategist Lisa Johnson. Lisa started out as a business coach three years ago, and realised that, actually we're told all the time to become fully booked. And then when you get fully booked, it isn't quite what you had in mind, because we're all busy all the time.

So there must be a better way. 

Lisa went on the search for that better way, and found passive income through things like courses, membership, ebooks, all sorts of things. 

The first six months of her business, she started earning six figures per year, but was shattered. Lisa had no more time and had hit an income ceiling. She learnt all about passive income and implemented it in to her business and went on to make million pounds a year, and working a hell of a lot less hours.

Lisa teaches this and I am super passionate about sharing this model, as Pinterest generates passive organic leads for your business and complement a...

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10 Tips for using Pinterest

Feb 04, 2021


Ok you know the importance of Pinterest Marketing and why it is so important for your business! Here is my top tips for using Pinterest.

1. Get a business Account 

Firstly it is simple to get a business account. You can either upgrade a personal account or set up a business account from the start. With a business account you can claim your website and claim your instagram or etsy platform. 

You will get access to your analytics, this gives you great insight into your audience demographics, when they are active but it will also tell you what pins are doing well, how many clicks and saves you have along with your top performing boards. 

With a business account you can promote pins, basically advertise like facebook.  You have to be a business to enable this. 

2. Know your words!

Keywords are the word to describe your pin, item, service, product or business. Keywords help you organise your content effectively. So when someone completes a search...

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Let's strategise to ..... well make it happen!

Jan 21, 2021


If you are going to use Pinterest for business, you need to make sure you are using it strategically. If you don't have a strategy you won't do the work or use the platform intentionally to help your business. Here I discuss the types of things you need to consider to help out your strategy together alongside your business plan. 

What are your goals?

So firstly, what are you goals for Pinterest? 

A lot of people think they should be using Pinterest and they want to be on Pinterest. But then when you delve deeper, they're not quite sure why. So have a think about your why and why it's important for your business, why you think it'll be a great marketing tool for your business?

Once you realise this put some goals around it. Have a think about the types of things that you want to do and the types of content that you want to create.  So how many times do you want to pin a week? How many times can you realistically commit to? 

You know, it's all about...

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Powerful Pinterest Guide

Aug 14, 2020

Pinterest has 400 million active users! Yup that is 400 million pairs of eyes that could be on your business.

So are you using Pinterest?

Pinterest could be your biggest traffic and lead generator to your business.

That's why I have designed the -

The Powerful Pinterest Guide


This is a step by step strategy guide for you to implement in your business to make Pinterest your powerful traffic generator.

Pinterest is a growing platform and a super under-used marketing tool where your ideal client is hanging out.

Use this guide to set yourself up for success on Pinterest!



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Pinterest is a growing platform and a super under-used marketing tool where your ideal client is hanging out. Use this guide to set yourself up for success on Pinterest.