What is an idea pin?

Aug 12, 2021

Idea Pins are a multi page graphic (or Pin) and are stored at the top of your profile (a bit like a story on social media). They are a way to engage and build your audience and last forever. 

The point of idea pins is to tell a story, you want to have a beginning and an end or provide value and insight to the consumer. 

And you want people to take action so make it enticing enough for people to take the action! 

Idea pins are for you to use your own content. This isn't necessarily talking to the camera stuff, remember the main purpose still is to drive traffic to our business not to be social.  However you can narrate your idea pins or explain to camera if its needed. 

Example idea pins could be:

- Behind the scenes

- Tutorial

- Showing a process or particular task 

- Tips 

Pinteresting Tips 

- Add details into the page 

- No need to add links

- Idea pins can use static graphics and video. 

- Use high quality graphics and videos

- Review how it looks before posting

- Check lightning, image quality, does it flow? 

Use Video 

If you are going to start using idea pins, I suggest you try video pins first. Go to this blog for more on video.

Video is a great way to stand out and make an impact, especially from a visual aspect on Pinterest.


So there you have it! Hope these tips and information help you get started with idea pins!  


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