The Perfect Pin

Aug 27, 2019

Are you tired of not getting results on Pinterest?  Fearing its more complicated than it needs to be?

Well, I have created the perfect pin checklist to ensure you get results for the pins you create.

  1.  Make sure your pin is vertical.  It needs to be at least 735 pixels wide but you can make it longer.  The standard size is 735 pixels by 1102 pixels. Vertical pins are seen far easier in the feed than horizontal.
  2. Use warm colours as this is more pleasing to the eye. Your audience is more likely to click on a pin that is warm in colour than a cool coloured picture. 
  3. It’s got to be an easy to read styled photo. Pinterest is a visual search engine so it’s got be easy to read or your audience won’t stop to click.
  4. Pinterest is all about the visual so make sure you are using good quality images of your product or a stock image.  You don’t need to have a photoshoot to get good quality images. Just make sure to use well-lit images that are not pixelated.  You can get some good free stock images too.
  5. Your pin needs to be linked to get the most traffic from your content.  This is either linked to your blog post, website or community.  
  6. Be consistently on brand!  All your pins and profile need to easily recognisable as you so ensure it's on-brand. 
  7. Ensure that each pin has an opt-in or call to action.  You need to ask your audience to do something e.g get the free checklist, join the community, read blog.
  8. It needs to be keyword rich! Write your keywords in the file name as well as the description so your content shows up when searched for.
  9. Make sure you only add content that is evergreen.  Make sure it is not dated specifically as your content can be found months or even years later!

So there you have it my step by step process to ensure you make the perfect pin.  If you would like this as a checklist to stick by your desk download it here 

Happy Pinning! 

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