Why you should be using Pinterest for Business

Sep 11, 2019

Why you should be using Pinterest for Business.

I use Pinterest for nearly everything from dinner to party ideas and business. A lot of people think it is a social media platform - WRONG! It's a search engine so you need to shift your mindset as it's not just recipes, DIY and home decor. You need to start thinking “how can I use this platform to better serve my customers and clients?”.

When using Pinterest did you find articles from business owners, did you find pins to purchase, did you find tips and tricks? Did you find a whole host of free value?

Don’t get trying to fool me, I know the answer is YES. Now think back to your business and think could one of those pins have been yours?

  • What is my ideal client typing in that search bar?
  • How can you communicate to your ideal client through Pinterest?
  • What can capture your audience’s attention and then get them off the app to become a customer? 

So here are my tips as to why you should be using Pinterest. 

Firstly let’s get it out there - it's FREE! Yes free, zilch, nada, nothing!  This platform that will do some amazing things for your business is totally free.  So if you aren't using it - why not?  I would really recommend investing in a strategy to use Pinterest. 

Secondly, Pinterest is a growing platform. It’s at over 250 million users and that’s a 40% increase on last year. The age range is broad with the majority between 25–54 and mostly women but more and more men are signing up. So regardless of your business or type of business, I believe you can find your ideal clients/customers on Pinterest as it is serving everyone.

Pinterest is an opportunity for you to showcase your business to the right clients and customers using beautiful imagery.  That’s right, for you to target and put your content right in front of your ideal audience.  Pinterest is designed to inspire and help people plan and buy.  Don’t you want to be on there showcasing what you have to offer?

For example, you make and sell candles. Pinterest gives you a platform to showcase beautiful pictures of your candles with the links to your shops and website.  Your potential clients can then click through to the shop or website or save your pin to use at a later date. You might also blog about being a business owner, how you make your candles and local markets you attend. You could also blog about the ingredients you use, how you source them and so on. You can create a great graphic to put on Pinterest that clicks back through to your blog post to help gain followers and engage your audience who want to see your content and love your business.

And lastly, sharing your own content can increase who views it, how many people engage with it and how many people follow you.  Pinterest also makes it super simple to be able to attract the right audience and your ideal client to your website or to a call action by using specific pin descriptions, branding and the ideas and images that you pin. In order to attract your ideal client, you need to use a strategy and create pins purposely to direct traffic to your website.   

So that is why you should be using Pinterest for Business!

Happy Pinning! 








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Pinterest is a growing platform and a super under-used marketing tool where your ideal client is hanging out. Use this guide to set yourself up for success on Pinterest.