Pinterest Trends for May

Apr 29, 2020


How is it May already? Is it me or is this year just flying by. Has it slowed down for you since being in lockdown? For me each day just seems to roll into one!

Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about trends for May on Pinterest. It really helps engagement and views if you can reflect trends and pin relevant content for each month.

What to pin

  • DIY
  • Education e.g homeschooling
  • Fathers day
  • Summer recipes
  • Landscaping
  • Healthy foods

Plan for next month 

  • Vacation (a lot of people will be pinning for when they can go away again) 
  • Get a ways
  • Summer fashion
  • Gardening

Things to concentrate on

💜Make a strong pin title that uses keywords and is clickable

💜Make descriptions short and concise - add in keywords and hashtags

Get Creative

Try different typography such as using all capitals, or changing the direction of your text. Mix it up and see what works.


Don’t be afraid if your business or niche doesn't fit into the above but see if you can pin in ways that might reflect a trend. Also test pins out for example do an A and B test for one blog, try different images and descriptions and see which one gets you results.

Tip: Be sure to keep and eye on page views and average page views and see what you are pinning at the time and make more of it! 


Let me know how you get on and have fun!

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