Pinterest - record high!

Apr 08, 2020

Pinterest is at an all time high as people increase their searches.

Coronovirus has had a big impact on our behaviour, not just that we are staying at home but what we are searching for and looking for inspiration and uplifting content. 

Pinterest is at an all time high as people increase their searches for inspiration, indoor activities, things to do with children, recipes and workouts. Pinterest has seen more saves and searches than any other time in history. 

People are learning to adjust to the “new normal” and in these times it's more important than ever to communicate with integrity. People are coming to Pinterest to look for inspiration, and as a brand whether you are service based, product based or brick and mortar based business you have an important role to play in providing resources, motivation and inspiration. 

So you might be thinking how can I pivot to use this to my advantage. I get it, it’s a worrying and confusing time for all of us and how do I create content in these current times?

So here are some ideas on how you can ensure that you inspire your pinners - 

  1. Be honest about what value you can add or where you need to pivot
  2. Be compassionate and focus on where you might be able to support your pinners
  3. Make your pins visual appealing as don't forget Pinterest is a visual discovery search engine
  4. Adapt your messaging, review your copy and make sure it comes across as positive and supportive
  5. Use analytics to see how pinners are engaging with your content and what they may want more of
  6. Use my Pinterest Checklist to ensure that your pins will stand out as best as possible
  7. Look at what is trending and think about the current crisis we are in, use this to help give you ideas on what new pins to create 

You can provide valuable resources, support and inspiration in these times. Don’t hide away get out there!

I hope wherever you find yourself you are safe and well.

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