The secret to using keywords

Aug 28, 2021

I know what you are thinking, when it comes to SEO (search engine optimisation), keywords and optimising it all sounds too much!

I promise you its not as hard as it seems. This blog will take you through the secret to using keywords.


What are Keywords?

Keywords are the words you use to describe the pin, feature, item and your business. So if you think about terms, phrases and words you use to describe what you do and your business. 

Like hashtags work on Instagram these keywords will start to build up a picture on Pinterest so that when someone searches for a word or phrase that you use your content appears in the search results.

They are used on any search engine platform and if you blog you will know how important it is to also use keywords in there. 


Pin Tip 

Just like you would search in Google, start to type any of your key word ideas in Pinterest and it will give you further ideas on what people are searching for. Thus giving you ideas of content you can create for your ideal client. 


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 

You may have no idea what this means? Well, it’s optimising your content so that when people search a relevant word, you show up in their search results.  In essence improving your search engine rankings.  Let’s not forget that Pinterest is a search engine like google so it’s really important to optimise all your content on Pinterest and in your website to make sure you are improving your rankings. (how you show up in the search results!)

On your website you add plug ins to help ensure that you are optimising your content.  On Pinterest the main way you can optimise your content is consistently using relevant keywords.  People use google and Pinterest in the same way by searching for a term or word.  You want to ensure that you come up in the search results when they are searching for a specific word.


Ways to help optimise your content

 Pinterest wants you to be quality contributor to the platform. Therefore create beautiful, valuable and informative content. Don't just share other peoples, sharing your own content as well is where you can start to see results! 

Use words or phrases that are easily searched by your audience. Don't try and use unique or strange titles and descriptions. Just keep them simple and obvious words or phrases that your ideal client would search.

When creating your content for Pinterest, make it easy to share. Either from your website, with a pin it button, making sure your Pinterest icon is there and by having pinnable graphics ready for someone to save in their Pinterest. Or from your pins on the platform, make them shareable, attractive and tell your ideal client what you want them to do when they find your pin. 


So what is the secret?


Yes consistency is the secret and it is no secret to know if you want to build anything you have to stick at it!

Pinterest is no different, if you consistently use the same keywords and search phrases then you will start being recognised and found in the search results! 

There you have it! The secret to keywords! If you want more help and information why not come and see what else I share on Instagram!

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