Is Pinterest still a popular platform for marketing your business?

Jul 21, 2021


I know what you are thinking is Pinterest still worth my time and effort in 2021. I am so passionate about Pinterest and continue to bang on about it so I thought I would share with you why I feel you still need to be marketing your business on Pinterest. 


Pinterest is the 14th largest social marketing platform in the world. 

The platform Pinterest ranks below Tiktok, snapchat, facebook and Instagram but ahead of twitter. 

(I know I tell you that it isn't a social media but its ranked with those platforms!)

Source: Blogsuite 


Pinterest now has 459 million active users across the globe!

That is nearly half a billion people! Crazy! 

The fastest growth is coming from generation Z and men. People come to Pinterest to discover ideas and gives us insight into the upcoming trends and trends for consumers. 


Video is exploding! 

We know that video is exploding across all of the platforms and is the most consumed way of content. But with Pinterest is has been growing and is already considered a video platform. 

People watch close to one billion videos a day on Pinterest! Just look at that stat 1 billion video pins! 


Spend more!

Pinterest encourages users to explore and consider. Thus meaning users will likely spend twice as more. 6% more actually and Pinterest is designed for shopping, so takes consumers on a buying journey. 


97% of searches are unbranded

Well what does that mean for you? They are not looking for specific brands, they are looking for ideas, inspiration and content from you! 


61% of people use Pinterest when starting a new project

People use Pinterest to browse, gain inspiration and discover and buy! And 46% of UK pinners have discovered new brands or products on Pinterest, meaning you can be there for the right audience when they need you! 

Source: Pinterest 

I hope this gives you more reasons to be using the platform! 


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