The most important work we do is on ourselves

Jul 09, 2020

I believe that the most important work we have to do is on ourselves.

Do you agree? 
💜Do you consume personal development?
💜Are you setting up the right routines and rituals?
💜Are you surrounding yourself with people who inspire you?
💜Are you journaling or doing affirmations?
These have all been massively important to me in getting to where I am today. Every day is a lesson for you to learn something and try again the next day.
At the age of 29 I was told I had cancer, (it wasn't) and then finally diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.  At this time I did hit rock bottom. And it took a lot of work on myself to move from that point.
I felt I had no purpose, reason and my energy was zapped. I lived in pyjamas, watched tv and stayed on the sofa. 
With a lot of help from a therapist and reading development books I started to put techniques in place to move forward. Just little steps forward but still forward.
Firstly I started getting up, out of pyjamas. I realised that I needed to give myself love and respect myself enough to wash and change each day! 
It then started with adding in gratitude lists to my routine, doing a morning mediation, getting outside, then walking, putting on music rather than the tv, meeting family and then friends. 
Don't get me wrong it was a long process but it started by just making that one change that I was worth it and that life and my happiness was up to me. 
Still to this day, I journal and write gratitude lists, complete mediation and visualisation and make sure everyday I get outside and walk the dog. That is what I can do each day and I accept that. 
So don't forget the most important work we do is on ourselves.
Tell me what work are you doing on you and your life? 💜

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