9 Lessons I have learnt from my Brain Aneurysm Diagnosis

May 11, 2022

My Brain Aneurysm 

Two years ago I was at home recovering from just surviving a life-threatening brain aneurysm and serious surgery.

Since that day it has been a journey. My message is still the same about making the most of each day, life is so short and can change in an instance. But I have also reflected on all the other things I have learnt since dealing and living with my aneurysm.

Since coming out of hospital everything has had so much uncertainty (corona, lockdowns, isolation) and this last year has still felt very much the same for me, I have spent a lot of time on my own and sometimes it is easy to get stuck in your own head.

I wanted to share the 9 lessons I have learnt over this time that might help you too!

1. Life is so short, things can change at a moments notice. Don't take it for granted.

2. Comparing your life to other seemingly successful happy people is ok but doesn't mean their life is perfect or without worry. 

3. Dream big. Like really big. And work hard to chase those dreams.

4. Even when it doesn't feel like it, there are people in your corner who have your back.

5. Not everyone will understand what it is like and that's ok.

6. Happiness, contentment, joy is never the destination but the journey.

7. You will always live with fear so must learn to manage it.

8. You can make a difference and have an impact every day.

9. How I feel and how I show up is my responsibility no one else's. 

I would love to know which one resonates with you and come and follow me on Instagram! 

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