5 tips for using Pinterest for Business

Jun 12, 2020

If you are just starting out with Pinterest, you need these tips to start strategically using Pinterest for results in your business! 


First things first you need to get a business account! Why I hear you say. Well you get access to analytics showing you what pins are working or not, what content is getting engagement and what your audience demographic looks like.

You can also use promoted pins (paid feature), link your instagram or etsy account, claim your website and verify rich pins. (Rich pins are pins that are pinned elsewhere so for example from your website and they will be pinned with the title and description you put.)


Tip two is to use your own content! If you want more clients and to increase your website traffic you need to be pinning your own content. This is so ideal clients come to you as the expert.  You can pin content such as an instagram post, or your blog or your face book group. You just need to create a beautiful pin. 

Try and pin your content as the first five pins as this is what your audience will see first. 


Thirdly you have to be consistent.  There is no point in pinning randomly, you have to be strategic and commit to use this to market your business! Pinterest will reward you if you consistently pin (i.e. every day). Pinning consistently and regularly will help you show up in the feed and help you get views and clicks.  

In order to do this effectively. I would recommend using a scheduler. Tailwind is the scheduler that I recommend and personally use myself. With tailwind it provides a smart schedule on when it is best to pin based on your audience. You will also get access to tribes which are communities of other Pinterest users where you can share your content. It will also give you different analytics so you can see what is working and what's not. 


You have to have a well scripted profile. When someone comes to your profile they need to know who you are and how you can help. So be sure to write a descriptive bio with a lead magnet if you have one. For example I help blank do blank so they can blank. Somebody needs to clearly see how you will help them so hopefully they will stick around for your content. 


And lastly tip number five is use Pinterest for business! So I am sure like me a lot of you will be using Pinterest for dinner inspiration, dream home ideas and life hacks! But is your ideal client into those things too? Perhaps they are but if not you really should secret those boards. You can still pin to them but it's not on show to everyone. If its relevant keep the board public to your audience. But make sure you go through your boards and do a little clean up. 

For example I have a board for food recipes and smoothies but its secret to just me. That's because my ideal client are not coming to me for that expertise or interest. However I have a board for quotes which is public as my ideal client is inspired to them. Make sense?! 

Any ways let me know how you go, I would love to hear from you!

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